Bolsheviks ALWAYS COLLAPSE the ECONOMY. It is the Fire which destroys a society most completely, excepting the Top Comrades of course. Martial Law then can be Implemented Because IT IS DEMANDED BY THE SHEEPLED POPULACE!!!

None of this is a mystery or are unknown "Pogroms", if history is known. Therein lies the Result of Gubmint Edumencated Skools & Stoodents. Since 1993 when I saw the ChiCom brainwashing at Dook University, Durham, NC. ( "Moscow"on the Hill, nearby UNC was following closely behind........) at Dook the Stoodents, mainly males, were on a stage, confessing their misogeny; and rejecting American hegemony/capitalism/history. Busy Creating the USSA 30 years ago, but of course it started many decades earlier. Elitist Universities turned out Apparachiks not wisdom, for the networked Alumni in the Deep Statist Organs....... to implement communist cancers


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And what will happen when cows are killed off in the name of climate change, we lose enough to droughts, complicated deliveries, and high prices of feed. Now you will need to replace all your major appliances and buy an unusable electric car.

Then you have idiots like John Kerry signing Climate Pacs with other countries who are killing off their beef industry. He doesn't have the governing authority to sign such a Pac. 10 Billion people are too much for existing food to support. Why do we pay Farmers Not to grow foof yearly? 10 billion global population 'unsustainable': US climate envoy Kerry.

John Kerry Signs Global Pact to Crush US Farmers

If it’s like the plan implemented throughout the Western World, it will crush American farmers. Emissions from the food system alone are projected to cause another half a degree of warming by mid-century. The USA has a much larger Beef industry. A history memory from the 1800s. Buffalo Hunters hunted them to near extinction, the reason was twofold, drive Native Americans off their lands, and the leather industry.


My 20-year-old grandson had to take over paying the $800 a month rent on an old mobile home and utilities when his 52-year-old dad had a TIA in Oct, Then a Quad Bypass 2 months ago, and now needs double Cataract Surgery in August or go blind. No DSSI caseworker has been assigned in 8 months. Too busy with Illegals.

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Uncle Sam wants migrants. Facing shortages, military recruiters trade citizenship for service.

Biden can't find enough WOKE Americans to join the US Military.


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Cartoon Network's 'We Baby Bears' Children Series Introduces Gender 'Non-Binary' Characters With 'They/Them' Pronouns

Cartoon Network's' "We Baby Bears" animated series has introduced characters who are gender "non-binary" and use "they/them" pronouns, making it the latest show to promote gender non-conformity in children.


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