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"We were warned, we were warned, we were warned." This suggests that because we were warned we could have done something about it to prevent the tragedy. I'm warning YOU, author of said article and cross-poster of said article that everything being done is to do as much harm as possible to the US so that we will descend into chaos, mayhem and financial collapse. Americans do NOT control what's happening in this country. YOU KNOW THIS!!! So your warnings are MOOT. The only thing Americans can do is prepare for our collapse. In 2018, I predicted that the US would become Puerto Rico in 10 years and Venezuela in 20. I was wrong. It's going to happen much sooner than that because what the administration is doing via the shadow government is to fold the US into a global government ala the WEF agenda. YOU KNOW THIS! Stop lying about how we can change things because, "we were warned".

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IRS says Americans are getting $20B less in tax refunds this year

IRS issued about 69M tax refunds as of early April, but some taxpayers could be in for a shock


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