Cloward-Piven: SOTU: The White House Claims Borrowing $16 Trillion Over the Next Decade Is Fiscally Responsible. https://gailhonadle.substack.com/p/sotu-the-white-house-claims-borrowing. BTW: Tucker: Biden SOTU Was 'Darkest And Most Un-American' Ever https://thefederalist.com/2024/03/07/tucker-carlson-biden-address-was-darkest-and-most-un-american-state-of-the-union-ever/. Not even FDR was this negative.

Do you see much difference? TRIP BACK IN TIME. Samuel Barrett Pettengill U. S. Congressman 1886-1974.

Instead of reading Stop Australia Going Under, it should read Stop AMERICA FROM GOING UNDER. https://gailhonadle.substack.com/p/trip-back-in-time-samuel-barrett

Biden's Proposed Corporate Tax Hike Will Punish the Average American


Biden’s Proposed Budget Includes $4.7 Billion Emergency Fund for Border Migrant Surges

read the fine print


An Oil Shortage Is Coming Along With Higher Gas Prices


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JD go back to your Amish Farmer Sub. he has been convicted and his property confiscated. There is much more going on in Klamath Falls, OR which is a much older issue. Climate Change to save a minnow destroys farms, ranches, and salmon. Biden is blowing the Dam. Jeff Head covered it and wrote a book on it. To sad he passed of bone cancer shortly after. The Stand at Klamath Falls Paperback – January 27, 2006, he was witness to the corruption.

This is the story of how rural western farmers and their supporters stood up against entrenched environmentalists, liberal politicians, appointed Federal judges, and agencies of the Federal Government.and prevailed. It is the story of farmers in the Klamath Basin and those who supported them in their struggle to reclaim their water rights in the summer of 2001. It is a story told through eye-witness accounts, narratives, and pictures. This author was humbled to stand with those patriotic, God-fearing Americans defending their God-given, unalienable rights against a Federal bureaucracy gone amok. It's a story of how a rabid environmental lobby, federal judges, and politicians willfully perverted our system to deprive those citizens of their water and property rights. In so doing, those citizens were in danger of losing their livelihoods and their way of life. It led to intolerable conditions that could not be allowed to stand, and those conditions did not stand. May this inspiring story of American faith, courage, and determination serve as a beacon for all those who read it, may it also serve as a model for others to defend their own rights whenever this ugly specter rears its head.

More than likely back to the Hammonds, Bundys, and even Waco.

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