2% Social Security's 2025 COLA Is on Track to Do Something It Hasn't Done For 15 Years


Dow sinks nearly 700 points after GDP report, heading toward its largest drop of the year


Americans are falling behind on their payments


Wave Goodbye: Mortgage Demand Dips as Interest Rates Soar Beyond 7%


In my near 76 years never heard this word, The US is dealing with a rare bifurcation of the economy, and it's raising the odds of recession, Piper Sandler chief economist says


Lived under Nixon/Ford STAGFLATION, I'd call this THE BIDEN DEPRESSION.

California Residents React to Viral Post Showing Gas Prices Hitting $7.29 per Gallon At Silicon Valley Gas Station


$55 Billion Lost: California’s Unemployment Crisis and the Push for Federal Forgiveness and Tax Hikes – Need To Know!


Ford just reported a massive loss on every electric vehicle it sold


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The job growth is a total lie. Illegals are replacing Americans. They can't read English, so the wrong labels get put on. They are not big on sanitation, thus E. Coli is now an excuse to slaughter millions of pounds of beef and pork. Note doesn't seem to affect Sheep, Goats, or Lamb. Few average Americans consume them. 10 million Hens/eggs, of Bird Flu, and it is crossing species, That Never happens. Made-up lies.

Aldi in Colonie was forced to discard 295 pounds of products

Left unrefrigerated for 10 hours. NY

A complaint about improper food storage led the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to inspect the Aldi grocery store in Colonie. What that inspector found was a critical deficiency and hundreds of pounds of food had to be thrown out.


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