The Housing Market is already in Collapse that has been news for weeks. As is Employment 50% job loss predicted for 2023, I'll remind you this is just 4 MONTHS AND A FEW DAYS OFF. Banks are seeing smart older people like me who had Grands go through the Great Depression where Cash was King, withdrawing as much money as they can, without triggering anything. We don't have enough to invest in gold or silver, but a Fireproof safe is doable. Our police shoot and are 2 mins away.

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2008 is coming? Wake up! It's already here! You don't need a weatherMAN to tell you which way the wind is blowing. It's over folks. America will never recover, that you can take to the bank. Live accordingly. Trump has abandoned us by cowardly running without a fight from a stolen election. Then he kills us by telling us to take the jab. He's working for them or at least 'with' them on this covid deep state stuff.

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If JD says it's going to happen, then you know it will not. He said we would run out of engine oil; that didn't happen. He said we would starve if we didn't stock our shelves with can goods; that didn't happen. He said we would run out of diesel and shipping would come to a halt; that didn't happen. The list goes on and on...

I personally am hoping for a major recession as it will not effect my income but it will bring down inflation helping my family a lot, however I am now disappointed. If JD says we have one coming then I know it's not coming. Bummer!!!

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The Econ report for the Third quarter was Down, to me that means a BIDEN GREAT DEPRESSION 2. I see it in my weekly trip to the Grocery store. 10 lbs of sugar went up $2.00 in a week. Why did I note that, I'M a third generation Canner. Fresh Meat case totally empty, strange very high end foods Wagyu? Spices are appearing in a small town that has 1 grocery store. Heavy Metal Toxic Baby Formula still Missing. Expiration dates are a big issue. The extra workers seem to have disappeared. As the checkers were back stocking shelves with JUNK FOOD, BOOZE, CANDY, CEREAL. Produce was not what I'd call good enough to feed my two 12 lb spoiled lap dogs, they get baby carrots for treats, those are in bags that were frozen, thawed, and in the slimy, spoiled water. IF YOU DIDN'T HEED THE SIGNS and begin food stocking last year, you may find yourselves in FDR'S Soup Lines. This Digital Money is tracking everything you buy, Cash Money is disappearing as legal tender, though it still is. The OVER LOUD MUSIC in stores is now controlled by the Corp, not the store. I'm going to try to File a EXCESSIVE NOISE COMPLAINT, this small town has many Ret. Military Seniors and spouses in Hearing Aids, I'm 1. The pain is EXCRUCIATING, and a third Meniere's attack will leave me Deaf. Medicare/Tricare Life doesn't cover a lowly Spouse's need for a Cochlear Implant, $90K is not in our retirement department, and at 74, I'm not a real candidate, it takes 2-3 years to learn to use it. LOUD NOISE from the store Set off the 2nd attack. Think what it does to a child's hearing which is easier to damage. Steroids used to treat Meniere's damaged mine. A year of Vertigo sickness to boot.

Hand chips are being developed, your kids first (Covid debunked hoax), some use them for work in large lab buildings for easy passage, even to open a new $70 K car, that has no mechanic, parts, chips, and if you want that 'rebate' you won't get it until they allow it to be 'ASSEMBLED IN THE USA' note Assemble can mean even adding 1 Screw, pun intended. The idiot Tennessee Governor is waiting on a plant to be built, he thinks a lot of jobs will result. It only benefits his cronies, not the State Citizens.



Manchin had also told West Virginia Metro News that "This is something the Republican Party has wanted for the last five to seven years I’ve been with them." He also made clear "It either keeps the country open, or we shut down the government. That’ll happen Sept. 30, so let’s see how that politics plays out."


FOR those in OK don't vote for another Rat.


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