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Big banks, more than local, but as they overextend and buy them out it endangers them. I've used the same local bank for over 40+ years, and other than a glitch with a software update change have had no trouble. With 4 known big banks in foreclosure, the government wants me to trust, and go cashless. I don't even trust my SS going automatically into a bank. Too many Hackers. Tennessee State Pension Fund was hacked in May, SS# and more were taken, and the "we can't do anything to help you, but warn you" is really comforting. I'm supposed to trust a government that can order my account frozen based on my Christian principles because I refuse to comply with masks and lockdown orders? I like cash. and want to pay with cash. Neither system is without faults, but I trust myself more than the government. A drive-thru window where a CC is out of my site. Even gift cards have fallacies. And crooks that steal from them. Don't want my CASH, then you can restock what I was going to buy. And I refuse to shop your business again. The big 10 food manufacturers want me to shop, check out, and bag, I'm 75, with a bad back. I don't lift heavy objects. Wages and insurance are built into the cost of food, yet you offer NO discount for me to do checkers/baggers jobs. Which T's me off, as I have to pick through poor quality and high-priced basic food. Strange products and a high allergy person do NOT mesh, changing an ingredient it can cause havoc. The same goes for meds. I can't find out why my Synthroid changed the Blue dye, the new one hates me. It is not the same as the script I had 6 months ago. And having to pay for Nexium because the DOD changed providers, sure adds to my grocery bill, and is not 20 mg, but 10 mg. So the box lies.

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