Is an Economic Collapse Coming to America?

We definitely hope it isn’t. As of now, I’d say we are approaching recession and a massive devaluation of the dollar. We could see the end of the petrodollar soon. We are already seeing signs of countries looking for alternatives to the dollar as the world reserve currency.

This is not a “doom and gloom” publication. Yes, we will be blatantly honest about the current trends and future prognosis for the economy, but we will keep our stories grounded in reality. Unfortunately, reality is scary enough right now. We will not engage in unnecessary fearmongering, but we’re not going to tell you everything is rainbows and butterflies, either.

I’m NOT an Economist

I am NOT an economist. My background is in journalism and researching stories based on the expertise of others. I’m here to disseminate what is being said by people much smarter than me.

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Can we prevent economic collapse, and if not, how do we protect ourselves?


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